Designing for a broad range of projects including: corporate marketing collateral, social media content, digital content, event graphics and signage, executive presentations, while maintaining and executing the brand standards. 


After navigating the original website designed on Shopify, I started experimenting with potential wireframes that can push the design to be more engaging. Keeping in mind the direction of the website, I just found alternative ways to display information, along with keeping the brand style guide in mind. 

For the dropdown menu design, this is a classic way to showcase all the options. This system is commonly used amongst other marketplace and retailer websites. Using the existing hover style of an underline, the white drop down box appears additionally. A content change from the original is that there used to a "Get Started" button and a "Join the Marketplace" button. In order to make the user journey simpler, Join The Marketplace made more sense and one button on the top would suffice.