This is the digital marketing agency I currently work at, and we decided to work internally on a rebrand. This was a great opportunity to work on Branding Strategy, UI Design, and Illustrations. You can visit the website here


On the right is the beginning of the homepage which showcases another way to use the illustration pack created. You can look at it here. The organic "blobs" were also a new addition to the ERGO Branding. They represent "mind-sets" and/or work really well as dynamic backgrounds for compositions and create movement that engages the viewers.  

I worked on designing a cohesive illustration style that can be carried through the website and other marketing collateral. Following the trends in digital design I opted for a flat lay aesthetic with assistance from the color palette we decided on as a team to create diversity through the characters. On the left is a screen capture of the "Company" page, which you can view live here. It shows how the characters can be used flexibly to create interesting compositions and tell a story. Below is a gallery of some character illustration pngs that can be used for any relevant marketing collateral. 


The Platform Page that can be accessed here was a challenge of its own. I was given the sketch on the left and you can see the design process progress to what it is on the right. My job was to bring it to life and make it cohesive with the ERGO branding. This graphic tells a story, it's supposed to be a visual representation of what ERGO does as a company. We use "disparate data" (represented by the floating balls) and filter it through our "smart content" processors to create personalized emails for users. The animation definitely aids with the story-telling and it looks a lot better on the ERGO website.